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Ambystoma Genetic Stock Center Online Order Form

Must be submitted at least one week prior to shipping date (for all animal orders).
*Price list should be reviewed for most recent prices (Price List)

Contact Name :
Name of Principle Investigator (if applicable):
Date When Material is Needed:
Registration Completed? Yes No
Size Range:
* Phenotypes Available: wild-type, normal, white, albino, melanoid
* Mutations Available: cardiac, short-toe, eyeless
* Transgenics Available:

embryos ($55-$100/100) Qty:
      Please provide Phenotype and Mutation:
hatchlings ($0.55-$1.50/ea) Qty:
Please provide Phenotype and Mutation:
2-3 cm larvae ($1.00-$2.00/ea) Qty:
     Please provide Phenotype and Mutation:
3-5 cm larvae ($3.00-$6.00/ea) Qty:
     Please provide Phenotype and Mutation:
5-8 cm juveniles ($9.50-$20.00/ea) Qty:
     Please provide Phenotype and Mutation:
8-12 cm juveniles ($13.50-$30.00/ea) Qty:
     Please provide Phenotype and Mutation:
sub-adults ($17.50-$36.00/ea) Qty:
    Please provide Phenotype and Mutation:
adults ($25.00-$60.00/ea) Qty:
    Please provide Sex, Phenotype and Mutation:


Pellets ($5.50/bag): Small (1/2 lb bag) Qty: Large (1/2 lb bag) Qty:
Brine shrimp eggs ($5.50/1 oz. vial) Qty:
Holtfreter's salts - makes 40% solution in 40 gallons of water ($6.00/bag) Qty:
Bowls ($4.00/ea): Small   Qty: Large   Qty:
De-chlorinator (AmQuel) - 2 oz ($4.50) Qty:
Skin conditioner (NovAqua) - 2 oz ($4.50) Qty:
Axolotl Newsletter Archive CDs (set of 3; $60.00) Qty:

Educational Supplies:
Larvae kit ($35.00/ea; 3 pellet-eating larvae, water treatment, food, and ruler) Qty:
Embryo kit ($30.00; 30 unsorted eggs, water trtmt, food, petri dishes, pipettes, ruler) Qty:
Eggs only ($16.50/30 unsorted eggs) Qty:
Larvae only ($28.50/3 pellet-eating larvae) Qty:
Brine shrimp hatchery ($35.00/ea) Qty:
Axolotl Materials & Images CD ($10.00/ea; for teachers) Qty:

Payment Method: PO - PO Number: Check Credit Card (MasterCard & VISA only)

NOTICE 1: There is a $10.00 handling fee on all boxes that contain live materials.
We ask you to please send the boxes that the live animals were shipped in back to us (at your expense).
NOTICE 2: There is a minimum order sub-total of $30.00 (not including shipping) for all credit card orders. If your credit card information is not already on file with us, please call us (859-323-5679).

GENERAL SHIIPING FEES (on all non-animal orders):
If your merchandise total is...                         Then your shipping costs will be:

Between $4.00 - $35.00                                  $9.00
Between $36.00 - $60.00                                $12.00
Over $60.00                                                    e-mail for estimate
Newsletter Archive CDs ONLY                       $10.00

All shipments containing LIVE animals are shipped OVERNIGHT, thus exact shipping prices cannot be determined until the package is ready to be shipped.

Contact information, if you have not registered:

Shipping Address:

Phone Number:
E-mail Address: