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All customers (longstanding and new) are asked to please register to insure that AGSC staff have your most recent contact/shipping/billing information. The primary activity of the AGSC has not changed. They will still be dedictated to the supply of live experimental or instructional material to qualified researchers or teachers. The recipient also pays animal fees and the shipping costs.

If you can't get what you need from AGSC , you may wish to contact other suppliers.

If you are not a researcher or a teacher, please contact other suppliers to obtain axolotls. AGSC accepts prepaid orders from non-researchers for axolotl food and other supplies only.

All laboratories, instructors, or individuals who wish to obtain axolotl embryos, larvae, or adults from AGSC must register with AGSC by providing answers to the questions below. Each registrant will receive a registration number. Each laboratory should register only once. All students, post-doctoral associates, technicians, and others associated with a research program use the same registration number when ordering. A single contact person should be designated for communications with AGSC.

After you have registered, place your order using our online order form. The registration form is not itself an order form. Orders must be placed directly with AGSC.  Confirm your order by contacting AGSC directly by e-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or phonE (859-323-5679).  We do accept purchase orders, but all P.O.s must be preceded by or accompanied by direct personal contact with AGSC.



**Online Form Submission is UNDER MAINTENANCE**

Please use this downloadable PDF form and email us the completed form to submit your registration.  Thank you!



Contact Person:

Last Name: First Name: Middle Initial:


Telephone: FAX:

E-mail address:

Type of Use


Principal Investigator:





Name of School:


Post-Graduate Graduate Undergraduate Secondary Primary


Please enter a brief description of the research being conducted or classroom use.

Order Information

Type of Material Needed


One-time or occasional (fewer than 1500 embryos)

Multiple, regular shipments (more than 1500 embryos)

Estimated Frequency of Need:

Monthly Biweekly Weekly Irregular

Type (normal, wild-type, albino, etc.):

Stage: Number per shipment: Number for season (Oct-July):

Larvae or Juveniles Adults (available only occasionally)

One-time Multiple shipments

Type (normal, wild-type, albino, etc.):

Size: Number:

Have you used axolotls before? Yes No

Note: If you will be maintaining axolotls for a period of time, we encourage you to consult our Husbandry Guide.
The Guide is available here.
A supplemental guide containing descriptions of husbandry methods used by other laboratories is also available in pdf format.

Shipping Information

Shipping Address:

Shipping Account Number (e.g., Fedex or Airbourne Express):

Reference Billing Number:

Purchase Order Number:

Billing Address:

Telephone: Fax: